For improved sta­bil­ity, many instru­ment own­ers pre­fer to ramp up the high ten­sion of their sys­tem grad­u­ally, in many small steps instead of a few large ones. On trans­mis­sion elec­tron micro­scopes where this process is not imple­mented by the man­u­fac­turer, Nex­pe­rion Volta is a small, yet very handy tool that auto­mates this task. It enables unat­tended ramp­ing with a minute step size over hours or even days.

Nex­pe­rion Volta sup­ports

  • increas­ing and decreas­ing high ten­sion
  • high ten­sion con­di­tion­ing

and smart fea­tures such as

  • lin­ear and expo­nen­tial gra­di­ents
  • mon­i­tor­ing of the gun vac­uum
  • graph­i­cal dis­play of the gra­di­ent

Prod­uct Pho­tos

Depend­ing on the ver­sion of Volta and the con­fig­u­ra­tion of the spe­cific instru­ment, more or fewer options than depicted in these screen-shots are avail­able.

Sys­tem Require­ments

Nex­pe­rion Volta is avail­able for the FEI Tec­nai, Titan, and Talos plat­forms with the TEM Script­ing Adapter. Please inquire for more detailed con­fig­u­ra­tion require­ments and other instru­ments.

See also “Trade­marks”.