Seri­alEM is being devel­oped by Dr David Mas­tronarde at the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado, Boul­der, orig­i­nally under a grant from NIH. Since 2014, the soft­ware has been main­tained and devel­oped, and user sup­port has been pro­vided, with fund­ing that comes from users, directly or indi­rectly.

Due to some admin­is­tra­tive changes in 2020, these annual pay­ments are now man­aged by Nex­pe­rion with the over­all goal of keep­ing the essen­tial aspects of Seri­alEM devel­op­ment and sup­port the same as in pre­vi­ous years, i.e. with most of the money being used to fund devel­op­ment of Seri­alEM by David and col­leagues. In the inter­est of trans­parency, a report on the use of the funds will be made avail­able annu­ally.

To (re-)register for a 1-year sup­port agree­ment, please fill in the form below – this is required for the largely auto­mated work­flow intended to keep the admin­is­tra­tive over­head min­i­mal. A quo­ta­tion will be gen­er­ated for you within a week.

For ques­tions, please get in touch.

Thank you for your con­tri­bu­tion to the future of Seri­alEM.

David Mas­tronarde
Guenter Resch