Seri­alEM 4.0 intro­duced a way for hid­ing menu items and dia­log ele­ments, either to pre­vent users from doing some oper­a­tions, or to sim­plify the inter­face for some users.

There can be two dif­fer­ent files, cor­re­spond­ing to these two main pur­poses, list­ing items to be hid­den. One kind of file mod­i­fies the inter­face uncon­di­tion­ally dur­ing the run of the pro­gram; it is spec­i­fied with the prop­erty entry ‘Dis­able­OrHide­File’ fol­lowed by the full path of the file, which can be any­where. The other kind of file defines a basic mode for the inter­face that can be tog­gled with the Basic Mode com­mand in the Set­tings menu. Start­ing with Seri­alEM 4.1, the basic mode file will be stored as part of the per­sonal set­tings and can be changed on the fly.

This page allows you to gen­er­ate an exem­plary basic mode file, suit­able for your hard­ware, the appli­ca­tions and the fea­tures of Seri­alEM you are using. The basic mode files cre­ated here are only intended as a start­ing point to gen­er­ate your per­sonal file; fur­ther doc­u­men­ta­tion on on what fea­tures can be hid­den can be found on the Seri­alEM help page for the sta­ble and the beta ver­sion.


Feed­back to the gen­er­ated basic mode files is very wel­come for fur­ther improve­ment of this ser­vice. Please upgrade to the lat­est sta­ble or beta ver­sion before using these files.