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Selec­ted Research Papers

  • Resch, G. P., Gol­die, K. N., Krebs, A., Hoenger, A., and Small, J. V. (2002): Visu­al­isa­tion of the actin cyto­skel­eton by cryo-​electron micro­scopy. Jour­nal of Cell Sci­ence 115(9), 18771882. NCBI PubMed
  • Gimona, M., Kaver­ina. I., Resch, G. P., Vig­nal, E., and Burgstaller, G. (2003): Cal­ponin repeats reg­u­late actin fil­a­ment sta­bil­ity and form­a­tion of podo­somes in smooth mus­cle cells. Molecu­lar Bio­logy of the Cell 14(6), 24822491. NCBI PubMed
  • Stef­fen, A., Faix, J., Resch, G. P., Linkner, J., Weh­land, J., Small, J. V., Rot­tner, K., and Stradal, T. E. B. (2006): Filo­po­dia form­a­tion in the absence of func­tional WAVE– and Arp2/​3-​complex. Molecu­lar Bio­logy of the Cell 17(6), 25812591. NCBI PubMed
  • Breit­s­precher, D., Kiesewet­ter, A. K., Linkner, J., Urb­anke, C., Resch, G. P., Small, J. V., and Faix, J. (2008): Clus­ter­ing of VASP act­ively dri­ves pro­cessive, WH2-​domain-​mediated actin fil­a­ment elong­a­tion. EMBO Jour­nal 27(22), 29432954. NCBI PubMed
  • Urban, E., Jacob, S., Nemeth­ova, M., Resch, G. P., and Small J. V. (2010): Elec­tron tomo­graphy reveals unbranched net­works of actin fil­a­ments in lamel­li­po­dia. Nature Cell Bio­logy 12, 429435. NCBI PubMed
  • Stöger-​Pollach, M., Treiber, C. D., Resch, G. P., Keays, D. A., and Ennen, I. (2011): EMCD real space maps of Mag­neto­spir­il­lum mag­netotacticum. Micron 42(5), 456460. NCBI PubMed
  • Fuest, M., Wil­lim, K., Mac­nelly, S., Fell­ner, N., Resch, G. P., Blum, H. E., and Has­sel­blatt, P. (2011): The tran­scrip­tion fac­tor c-​Jun pro­tects against sus­tained hep­atic endo­plas­mic retic­ulum stress thereby pro­mot­ing hep­ato­cyte sur­vival. Hepato­logy 55(2), 408418. NCBI PubMed
  • Schwarz, J. C., Klang, V., Kar­all, S., Mahrhauser, S., Resch, G. P., and Valenta, C. (2011): Optim­isa­tion of mul­tiple W/​O/​W nanoemul­sions for der­mal deliv­ery of aci­clovir. Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Phara­maceut­ics 435(1), 6975. NCBI PubMed
  • Vin­zenz, M., Nemeth­ova, M., Schur, F., Mueller, J., Nar­ita, A., Urban, E., Wink­ler, C., Schmeiser, C., Koes­t­ler, S. A., Rot­tner, K., Resch, G. P., Maeda, Y., and Small, J. V. (2012): Actin branch­ing in the ini­ti­ation and main­ten­ance of lamel­li­po­dia. Jour­nal of Cell Sci­ence 125(Pt 11), 27752785. NCBI PubMed
  • Lauw­ers, M., Pich­ler, P., Edel­man, B. E., Resch, G. P., Ushakova, L., Salzer, M. C., Hey­ers, D., Saun­ders, M., Shaw. J., and Keays, D. A. (2013): An Iron-Rich Organelle in the Cutic­u­lar Plate of Avian Hair Cells. Cur­rent Biol­ogy 23(10), 924929. NCBI PubMed
  • Simunovic, M., Mim, C., Marlovits, T. C., Resch, G., Unger, V. M., and Voth, G. A. (2013): Protein-mediated trans­for­ma­tion of lipid vesi­cles into tubu­lar net­works. Bio­phys­i­cal Jour­nal 105(3), 711719. NCBI PubMed
  • Rao, S., Tor­tola, L., Per­lot, T., Wirns­berger, G., Novatchkova, M., Nitsch, R., Sykacek, P., Frank, L., Schramek, D., Kom­nen­ovic, V., Sigl, V., Aumayr, K., Schmauss, G., Fell­ner, N., Hand­schuh, S., Glös­mann, M., Pasier­bek, P., Schled­erer, M., Resch, G. P., Ma, Y., Yang, H., Pop­per, H., Ken­ner, L., Kroe­mer, G., and Pen­ninger, J. M. (2014): A dual role for autophagy in a murine model of lung can­cer. Nature Com­mu­ni­ca­tions 5. NCBI PubMed
  • Mueller, J., Pfanzel­ter, J., Win­kler, C., Narita, A., Le Clainche, C., Nemethova, M., Car­lier, M.-F., Maeda, Y., Welch, M. D., Ohkawa, T., Schmeiser, C., Resch, G. P., and Small, J. V. (2014): Elec­tron Tomog­ra­phy and Sim­u­la­tion of Bac­ulovirus Actin Comet Tails Sup­port a Teth­ered Fil­a­ment Model of Pathogen Propul­sion. PLoS Biol­ogy 12(1): e1001765. NCBI PubMed
  • Koenig, U., Fobker, M., Lengauer, B., Brand­stet­ter, M., Resch, G. P., Gröger, M., Plenz, G., Pam­mer, J., Bar­resi, C., Hart­mann, C., and Rossiter, H. (2014): Autophagy Facil­i­tates Secre­tion and Pro­tects against Degen­er­a­tion of the Hard­er­ian Gland. Autophagy: 2014 Nov. NCBI PubMed
  • Hop­pel, M., Reznicek, G., Käh­lig, H., Kotisch, H., Resch, G. P., and Valenta, C. (2015): Top­i­cal deliv­ery of acetyl hexapeptide-8 from dif­fer­ent emul­sions: Influ­ence of emul­sion com­po­si­tion and inter­nal struc­ture. Euro­pean Jour­nal of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Sci­ences (68): 2735. NCBI PubMed
  • Edel­man, N. B., Fritz, T., Nimpf, S., Pich­ler, P., Lauw­ers, M., Hick­man, R. W., Papadaki-Anastasopoulou, A., Ushakova, L., Heuser, T., Resch, G. P., Saun­ders, M., Shaw, J. A., and Keays, D. A. (2015): No evi­dence for intra­cel­lu­lar mag­netite in puta­tive ver­te­brate mag­ne­tore­cep­tors iden­ti­fied by mag­netic screen­ing. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 112(1): 262267. NCBI PubMed
  • Nimpf, S., Malkem­per, E. P., Lauw­ers, M., Ushakova, L., Nord­mann, G., Wenninger-Weinzierl, A., Burkard, T. R., Jacob, S., Heuser, T., Resch, G. P., and Keays, D. A. (2017): Sub­cel­lu­lar analy­sis of pigeon hair cells impli­cates vesic­u­lar traf­fick­ing in cutic­u­lo­some for­ma­tion and main­te­nance. Elife: Nov 15;6. pii: e29959. NCBI PubMed
  • Rhein­berger, J., Oost­er­ge­tel, G., Resch, G. P., and Paulino, C.(2021): Opti­mized cryo-EM data-acquisition work­flow by sample-thickness deter­mi­na­tion. Acta Cryst. D77: 565571. NCBI PubMed
  • Depel­teau, J.S., Renault, L., Althof, N., Cas­sidy, C. K., Men­donça, L. M., Jensen, G. J., Resch, G. P., and  Briegel A. (2022): UVC inac­ti­va­tion of path­o­genic sam­ples suit­able for cry­oEM analy­sis. Com­mun Biol 5, 29. bioRxiv

Selec­ted Reviews

  • Small, J. V., and Resch, G. P. (2005): The com­ings and goings of actin: coup­ling pro­tru­sion and retrac­tion in cell motil­ity. Cur­rent Opin­ion in Cell Bio­logy 17(5), 517523. NCBI PubMed
  • Small, J. V., Auinger, S., Nemeth­ova, M., Koes­t­ler, S., Gol­die, K. N., Hoenger, A., and Resch, G. P. (2008): Unrav­el­ling the struc­ture of the lamel­li­po­dium. Jour­nal of Micro­scopy 231(3), 479485. NCBI PubMed

Papers and Book Chap­ters on Meth­ods

  • Resch, G. P., Small, J. V., and Gol­die, K. N. (2006): Elec­tron Micro­scopy of Extrac­ted Cyto­skel­et­ons: Neg­at­ive Stain­ing, Cryo­elec­tron Micro­scopy, and Cor­rel­a­tion with Light Micro­scopy in: Cell Bio­logy – A Labor­at­ory Hand­book, vol. 3 (Celis, J. E., ed.), 267275
  • Resch, G. P., Urban E., and Jacob S. (2011): The actin cyto­skel­eton in whole mount pre­par­a­tions and sec­tions in: Meth­ods Cell Biol., vol. 96 (Mueller-​Reichert, T., ed.), 529564. NCBI PubMed
  • Resch, G. P., Brand­stet­ter, M., Pickl-​Herk, A. M., Königs­maier, L., Won­esch, V. I., and Urban, E. (2011): Immer­sion Freez­ing of Bio­lo­gical Spe­ci­mens: Ratio­nale, Prin­ciples and Instru­ment­a­tion. Cold Spring Har­bor Pro­to­cols 2011(7), 778782. NCBI PubMed
  • Resch, G. P., Brand­stet­ter, M., Königs­maier, L., Urban, E., and Pickl-​Herk, A. M. (2011): Immer­sion Freez­ing of Sus­pen­ded Par­ti­cles and Cells for Cryo Elec­tron Micro­scopy. Cold Spring Har­bor Pro­to­cols 2011(7), 803814. NCBI PubMed
  • Resch, G. P., Brand­stet­ter, M., Won­esch, V. I., and Urban, E. (2011): Immer­sion Freez­ing of Cell Mono­lay­ers for Cryo Elec­tron Tomo­graphy. Cold Spring Har­bor Pro­to­cols, 2011(7), 815823. NCBI PubMed
  • Resch, G. P. (2019): Soft­ware for auto­mated acqui­si­tion of elec­tron tomog­ra­phy tilt series. Meth­ods Cell Biol. 152: 135178. NCBI PubMed

Selected Online Mate­ri­als


  • Lihl, R., and Resch, G. (2010): Vor­rich­tung und Ver­fahren zum Prä­par­i­eren von Proben. AT507079B1.
  • Lihl, R., and Resch, G. (2010): Trans­fer eines Proben­trägers in der kor­rel­at­iven Elektron­en­mik­roskopie. AT508017B1.